Hey Sailor!
You're here because Capt Chuck convinced you that it would be fun to spend some time sailing around New England. Now that you've sobered up, you're probably wondering what you got yourself into. Please look around the boat for more info...
Crew's Quarters
Chart Room
Captain's Mast
Radio Room

Cruise Leave Return Comments
May Cruise Fri 5/30 Sat 5/31 Sailed a new B343 to Marina Bay in Quincy.
June Cruise Fri 6/27 Sat 6/28 Crew needed. 

Can be extended to 6/26

Summer Extended Cruise Fri 7/11 Thu 7/17 Boat is full
July Cruise tbd tbd  
August Cruise tbd tbd  
Fall Extended Cruise Fri 9/19 Thu 9/25 Crew needed
September Cruise tbd tbd  
October Cruise tbd tbd